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Interior Design

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Interior Design On A Budget You're about to discover how to... In this book, design expert and author Jennifer Inston shares with you her best knowledge and advice on how to design great homes and how to do so simply by utilizing a few simple tricks and methods. Designing and decorating your home need not be expensive. This book will help you achieve a stunning and deluxe look for your home that is affordable and fits your budget. Discover tricks and special strategies on how to create a luxurious look for all the rooms in your house without spending a lot of money. The book also presents some suggestions on DIY decorating projects from scratch or from repurposed items to create a brand-new look that appears polished and professionally designed without spending too much. Learn how to look for thrift items and add accessories and furniture that look high-end, but do not put a strain on your budget. Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn... Introduction to interior design How to create a luxurious look on a budget Crown Molding and Paint Window Treatments, Lighting and Hardwood Do-It-Yourself Projects Shopping on a Budget Getting Creative with Low-Cost Accessories Much, much more

Interior Design

RRP $18.99

***SPECIAL OFFER!!!*** LIMITED TIME OFFER 40% OFF (Regular Price $4.99) This #1 Best Selling Critically Acclaimed Book is now available Globally on Amazon - Download it Now! This book is the definitive resource for Interior Design and Decorating. Interior design is crucial in making your home as aesthetically pleasing as possible. Even the slightest knowledge about interior decorating on a budget can help improve the look and value of your home and allow it to showcase your unique personality. If you are someone with minimal understanding of interior design, this book is for you. We'll get you started quick. If you're someone who is a little more advanced, this book is also for you. We've got tones of resources in a quick concise and easy to read format to keep you learning for hours.

In this book you will learn the following awesome information:

  • The basic knowledge you need to get started in interior Design Today! - It's more simple than you might think!
  • How to understand what makes a home visually appealing - Right from the professionals!
  • The #1 Core Fundamental Rule for Interior Design! often the most overlooked part!
  • An in depth tutorial on working with color dynamics! - and our personal recommendations!
  • The definitive Guide to working with Textures - our bonus!
  • An eye opening fact filled set of Success Tips to make sure you are always on the right track with your interior design!
  • Our innovative techniques for designing for Feng Shu (and functionality)
  • and much much more. So what are you waiting for, get cracking today on building some awesome projects! ***SPECIAL OFFER!!!*** LIMITED TIME OFFER 40% OFF (Regular Price $4.99)This #1 Best Selling Critically Acclaimed Book is now available Globally on Amazon - Download it Now!
    Tags: Home decorating, interior design, Lighting Design, Interior Decorating, House Design

  • Architect's Room Design Data Handbook

    RRP $326.99

    Architect's Room Design Data Handbook Fred A. Stitt If you're like most architectural interior designers, you spend 300r more of your time on room data research. Here's a source of information that will greatly reduce your research time-and lead you directly to the facts you need, when you need them. It covers standards, requirements, and commonly used choices for every element in every type of room in every kind of building-from room areas, fixtures, and lighting, to acoustics, HVAC, and fire protection. Data was compiled from dozens of different sources to save you from having to hunt through them yourself. It can be annotated and customized for your own design firm, or put into a computer database for even speedier access. All information is organized by specific building and room type in the order that you need it. High-, mid-, and low-cost options are provided throughout to help you make sure your clients get what they want at a fair price-whether the project is an auditorium, commercial space, housing, medical facility, public building, school, industrial building, or athletic facility. In one convenient source, here's the design data you need on: the most commonly used flooring, walls, and ceiling types occupancy and fire requirements lighting requirements, information on electrical power, plumbing, and sound-proofing plumbing needs, necessary air changes per hour, and temperature limits desired fixtures,fittings, equipment, and furnishings and many other elements critical to design. While other design guides cover some of the design details you need, Architect's Room Design Data Handbook covers all of them. It's an essential, time- and money- saving reference for architects, interior designers, and facility planners.

    A History Of Interior Design, Fourth Edition

    RRP $75.00

    This classic reference presents the history of interior design from prehistory to the present. Exploring a broad range of design styles and movements, this revised and expanded edition includes coverage of non-Western design and vernacular interior architecture and features 665 photographs and drawings (color and black-and-white). The companion CD includes an interactive presentation of periods and styles, incorporating more than 100 illustrations. A History of Interior Design is an essential resource for practicing and aspiring professionals in interior design, art history, and architecture, and general readers interested in design and the decorative arts.

    A Text-book Of Design

    RRP $18.99

    "So many books have been published on the subject of design and the topic has been attacked from so many different points of view that one wonders sometimes whether the field is not altogether covered. There are so infinite a number of angles from which the subject may be viewed however, that every addition is welcome. As might be guessed from the title "A Text-Book of Design," is intended primarily as a text book and is arranged accordingly. The fact that both authors have been university instructors, one in the University of Illinois and the other at Harvard is a guarantee that the book fills its place in this respect. To our mind the idea of a text-book and a book for general reading is rather incompatible and for that reason we doubt whether it will have as wide an appeal as the authors think in their preface. The excellent selection and use of illustrations by which the principles are developed make it valuable, however, to anyone who wishes to establish in his own mind the standard of pure design."
    -Arts & Decoration

    "This book is designed to be used as a text-book for advanced students. The theory of pure design is presented in a very clear and comprehensive manner. The fundamental principles known as sequence, rhythm and balance have been illustrated by the rudimentary forms of spots and lines. Spot, line and area composition in repetition and field have been thoroughly presented, many illustrations supplementing the text. One chapter is devoted to values and their combinations in design, another to the theory of color, which is illustrated by diagrams. A short chapter on lettering as governed by the principles of design, is followed by one on design in architecture.

    "The book contains 147 illustrations, many of which are Japanese stencils, interesting Coptic textile designs, and other historic textiles and ornaments.

    The book is valuable as a text-book for the study of pure design."
    -Industrial Education Magazine


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