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252 Easy Sudoku Puzzles To Increase Your Iq

RRP $15.99

Are you looking for a way to blow off steam in a healthy manner? Increase your IQ? If so, then let us tell you about an interesting yet a fun way to do so. No worries, it is not as expensive as you think. All that is required for this purpose is a pencil. Confused? Let us tell you more about it.This book has the most exciting compilation of Sudoku puzzles perfect to give you an IQ boost while improving your cognitive skills. Each Sudoku puzzle is designed to exercise your brain and challenge you in different levels. All you have to do now is grab a pencil and focus on the common goal.'Sudoku' is a game of puzzle originally from Japan. Unlike other puzzles such as picture puzzles or word puzzles, Sudoku is completely different. It is a puzzle with numbers and if you love solving mysteries, you might be the perfect person to solve Sudoku. The most interesting thing about these puzzles is that you do not have to be a math whiz. That's right. You can stop cringing now. This suits both math lovers as well as non-math lovers. How is that possible? It may sound surprising but this game uses only logic and reasoning. In other words, common sense.If you desire a productive way to keep your mind busy while exercising your brain, Sudoku is the right choice. It not only helps you in improving your IQ but also helps you stay alert and awake. This simple path that you take towards your mental wellbeing can create big positive changes in your life on the long run. Another fascinating thing about Sudoku is that there is no set age limit for this game. Hence both young and old with an interest could enjoy solving Sudoku puzzles.The rules of Sudoku are simple. A grid with randomly filled numbers is provided. Your goal is to fill the grid with digits in such a manner that every column, row and 3*3 box has numbers from 1 to 9 without repeating any. The strategies that you may use could fit one puzzle but not the other. Sometimes the same tactics could be used in solving many different puzzles. It is up to you in discovering the route to complete the puzzle. It is no wonder that this fun filled game has become an addiction to millions so much so that some have even gone to the extent of collecting records of their solved puzzles to track their progress in books such as these.These puzzles help you come up with strategies you have never thought of, providing you the opportunity to think independently and come up with your own way of solving problems. Your analytical skills get sharpened as you complete Sudoku puzzles with different levels of difficulty as it is said to activate the left part of your brain which is responsible for logic and reasoning. You do not have to complete puzzles at a stretch or at one go. There is not timer to put you under pressure. So you can take your own time, think thoroughly before making a move and solve the puzzle at your pace. The satisfaction and sheer joy that you get after completing a Sudoku puzzle cannot be described in words, it should be felt.To make things even easier, we are providing you with some picture puzzles too. This is to break the monotony and give you a chance to refresh your mind and come back with a fresh start to continue Sudoku from the point you have stopped. Sometimes you may overlook a small mistake in Sudoku which can make the whole puzzle go wrong. To prevent you from this, picture puzzles would direct your focus into a different direction. We provide you with answers to each puzzle so that you may have the chance to self-assess your abilities, reflect on your mistakes and even change your game tactics. What are you waiting for? Take a few minutes from your daily life to work on Sudoku. You will be surprised at the amount of positive energy circulating within you changing the way you look at problems in a much better way thus allowing you to have better control over things. We assure that you will never regret trying the IQ booster Sudoku.

Learn French By Easy Phrases

RRP $13.99

Welcome to France. Nothing beats the right phrase. LEARNING FRENCH BY EASY PHRASES provides travelers the key words for getting around one of the world?s most visited countries. Turn the pages as Parisian lists necessary phrases to guide you through your visit to France. Designed as a compact and comprehensive companion, LEARNING FRENCH BY EASY PHRASES is the only language book English speakers will need in order to navigate through French museums, restaurants, hotels, transportation, social events, and more! Organized in user-friendly lists, this book presents clear-cut, necessary information for the well-informed traveler. Whether you are visiting for a few days or a few weeks LEARNING FRENCH BY EASY PHRASES allows you to focus on the very best France has to offer, making your experience a rich and rewarding one. Readers may also be interested in THE TOP TEN GUIDE TO PARIS, available at the Amazon eBook Store. Best wishes for a pleasant visit to France.The Internationalist

Literature Reviews Made Easy

RRP $262.99

This book is designed to help you achieve one specific goal. It's not designed to give you the philosophies of conducting research. It's not designed to give you a background in a specific academic discipline or a specific topic. It's not designed to give you theory. It's designed specifically to instruct you in the practicalities of the writing process used to create strong, thorough, and potentially bulletproof literature reviews. This book is the culmination of years of research experience. It's also the culmination of several years of teaching writing and critical thinking to doctoral students. Although it began as a tool for doctoral students, it has been expanded to be useful for everyone from senior high school students through doctoral candidates working on developing their first literature review or a larger literature review than they normally develop. It has been created for everyone from academics to new business entrepreneurs with good ideas who are trying to write their first reviews to support the new idea they're proposing.

Made By Me! Design A Dinosaur

RRP $17.99

For imaginative kids who love to make stuff! Made by Me is a new series of seriously cool press out and play sticker activity books. A press-out 3D model in each book can be coloured in and customised with stickers and different dino features. As well as oodles of amazing facts and awesome activities, there are places to add photos of your model, draw pictures and write about your cool creation. AGES: 4+ 4 pp pressouts and 4pp stickers

Mathematics Made Easy

RRP $13.99

Excellent Resource for Secondary Mathematics students

MATHEMATICS MADE EASY: MEASUREMENT THEORYMathematics Made Easy: Measurement Theory is a Secondary Mathematics book designed to assist students in both the high school and homeschool environment. This book covers the topics that relate to Measurement Theory Problems. These include:
  • Drawing and Measuring Line Segments
  • Metric Conversions
  • Reading Time Using Clocks and Calendars
  • Calculating Elapsed Time
  • Completing Accurate Drawings
  • A Partial Answer Key
Measurement Theory is the 5th book in the Mathematics Made Easy Series. The objective of the series is to breakdown various Mathematical concepts into their most basic form so that students can understand them. These series of workbooks give students the opportunity to review the topic and hence gain a better understanding of the topic. There are a total of 24 books in the Mathematics Made Easy Series that are comprised of both workbooks and answer keys. The exercises are short and comprehensive, giving students the opportunity to master the topic with ease.The series is authored by Paula Burrows, a veteran Mathematics educator with 19 years experience in the classroom.


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